Non-NHS Services

There is a range of services which we provide which are not covered by the NHS for which we charge a fee. A complete list of charges is displayed in reception. These services include signing passport forms, parking permits and private medical insurance forms, some travel vaccinations and employment medicals. We do not see individual private patients.

The practice does not, and is not required, to provide occupational health services for patients. That responsibility rests with the employer under Health and Safety Legislation, and in occupations where there is a risk to health from any form of work related infection it is the employer’s duty to assess that risk and, if present, to protect the workforce.

Medical Schools are legally responsible for providing a full occupational health service to their students and applicants. This practice is not aware of the situation and hazards in patients’ workplaces and does not have occupational expertise to advise on the risks involved.

FEES for non-NHS services

Some of the services we provide are not covered under the NHS and so we make a charge for these.  Please ask the practice if the service you require is not listed below.

Certificates and forms £
Certificates of fact: sick note, vaccination, freedom from infection, incapacity, fitness to travel, fitness to attend etc. 25
Simple forms (where no medical is required) including parking, – driving license, disabled badge, private medical insurance, accident claim. 25
Private prescription 18
Complex report, no examination 89
Full physical examination detailed opinion and statement 130
Very simple letters of fact 15
Mental Capacity certificate, without examination 57
Medical examinations and reports  
Adoption/fostering- medical & report 80
Elderly driver fitness medical – medical & report 60
Mental capacity certificate –  medical & report 103
Full physical examination and report, including:
PCV/LGV/taxi/racing driver medical & report
DNA Test 50
Adopting/Fostering form AH2 55
Childminder health form (Ofsted health declaration) 87.50
Complex report (no medical) 50

Fees for travel vaccinations


Registered patients

Hepatitis A (adult) course of 2

No charge

Hepatitis A and Typhoid

No charge
Meningitis ACWY No Charge
Hepatitis A & B No Charge
Hepatitis A & B (child) No Charge
Private Certificate £18

Private prescription for mefloquine and Doxycline (fee for travel abroad only)



No Charge
Typhoid No Charge

Vaccination Certificate (re-issue)



No charge

Vaccination certificate