Care Navigators

Your GPs are working as part of a local team sharing responsibility for your care. This team is often referred to as a ‘Village’. Each Village will bring together a small group of GP practices, colleagues from local community based services (for example, diabetes and community nursing) and colleagues from local Adult Social Care and Environmental Health.

This is a new way of working that we believe will provide better care for our patients. With the support of a Care Navigator, health and social care professionals in the Village will be able to refer you quickly and efficiently to an appropriate colleague within their Village.

In order for us to care for you under this new way of working, we need your permission to share your information between the health and social care professionals within the Village that our practice is part of. All the information about you will be kept safe and secure and will be shared only with care professional authorised to access it. They will access only the information that is appropriate, to ensure you receive the best possible care.